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Veritas Software Corporation (Mountain View, California):
Incorvia consulting partnered with Phoenix Consulting Group ( to design the global Veritas System Integrator Partner Program in 2004. A complete framework including marketing, business and back-end processes were delivered to Veritas in just 8-weeks. The Phase II Plan delivered by Incorvia Consulting and Phoenix Consulting group was also used to deploy the program in 2004 and 2005.

Getty Images (Seattle):
Delivering Value in Highly Matrixed Teams (a subset of the Delivering Thinly Managed Partner Teams program), was recently delivered to Getty Images (Seattle, NYSE: GYI) in conjunction with the addition of 10 full-time managers and group leaders.  Manager and group leader training resulted in a customer-verified 6-fold return on investment as measured by reduced engineering and QA personnel required to QA a major software release.

Fujitsu IT Holdings (Sunnyvale):
Developing Thinly Managed Partner Teams
was recently delivered to Fujitsu IT Holdings (Sunnyvale, California) in conjunction with the transfer of 7 of 10 alliance and partner managers out of business development groups.  Following the program, the remaining 3 alliance managers assumed the complete 10-manager partner workload, and all direct and cross-functional reports while maintaining the same level of service. 

The management standards and communication protocols used in the Developing Thinly Managed Partner Teams program were developed and delivered in conjunction with a 3-year, multi-million dollar joint solution development partnership among Amdahl (now Fujitsu Technology Solutions), DMR (now Fujitsu Consulting) and Microsoft. Three full time managers coordinated the entire global project, including over 350 direct and cross-functional reports.  This partnership delivered double-digit millions in bottom line profits to all companies involved.  

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