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Partner Manager Program Radically Reduces Time to Market
And Increases Sustainable Partners Per Manager

Measurable Results within 5 Weeks  

Thinly Managed Partner Teams

The Challenge: Partner Manager ROI
In the current economy, organizations are continually challenged to deliver high levels of productivity and service while managing budgets that have declined to unworkable levels. Constricted cash flow demands a near-term return on every partner manager investment. In the absence of standards for communication, collaboration and leadership, much of this critical investment is simply wasted.

The Solution: Communication, Collaboration and Leadership Standards
Developing Thinly Managed Partner Teams guides partner managers through specific communication, collaboration and leadership practices that dramatically improve the effectiveness of their cross-functional teams as measured by reduced time to market, and increased sustainable partners (or reports) per manager.

Developing Thinly Managed Partner Teams was originally developed to insure the success of multi-company global solution development teams that included individuals from industry-leading companies such as Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and Cisco. Recent engagements at Getty Images and Fujitsu have proven the program's effectiveness for local teams as well.

Metrics: 500% ROI, Reduced Time to Market, Increased Reports / Partners Per Manager
Developing Thinly Managed Partner Teams is a proven, practical, cost-effective program designed to measurably increase staff productivity within 5 weeks. Partner management teams that complete the Thinly Managed Teams program have historically delivered at least a 500% return on investment based on reduced time to market, and increases in the number of direct or cross-functional reports or partners per manager.

Non-Disruptive Delivery for Distributed Work Teams
The most effective method for delivery of Developing Thinly Managed Partner Teams is 5 weekly 1-hour Webinars, with one-on-one telephone follow-up with each participant. The program can also be delivered as a 1 or 2-day intensive on-site course. Top results, however, have been obtained when the program is delivered at a rate of 1 session per week, with one-on-one participant follow-up. This delivery format provides partner management team members, regardless of location, with an opportunity to fold the new learning into relevant work activities over a period of several weeks, and to interact with the consultant as these activities take place.

Developing Thinly Managed Partner Teams is available via Webinar or in-person delivery in the US and Canada.

For additional information regarding the availability of Developing Thinly Managed Partner Teams in your area, please contact Incorvia Consulting at 408•499•6850 or email

Session Descriptions
Developing Thinly Managed Partner Teams

SESSION ONE: UNDERSTANDING THE ISSUES: alignment on key issues limiting the team’s ability to fulfill on company or departmental goals. Follow-on sessions provide tools and guidance specifically directed at resolving these issues.

SESSION TWO: COMMUNICATION PROTOCOLS: globally tested standards for communication among members of cross-functional groups are proposed. These standards provide predictability to replies to communications that are essential in matrixed teams, including voicemail and email.

SESSION THREE: ACTIONABLE CONVERSATIONS: a straightforward paradigm for “making a deal” is described. The paradigm lets you know how to make a reliable deal, and when you do (or don’t) have a reliable deal with another individual, group or company.

SESSION FOUR: MANAGING BREAKDOWNS: establishes standards for escalation, reporting and taking action on situations that put milestones, programs, or company promises (internal or external) at risk.

SESSION FIVE: REPORTING FOR VISIBILITY AND INFLUENCE: establishes value-based reporting that consolidates relevant, actionable information, and presents it in a fashion that provides net-new decision-making opportunities.

INDIVIDUAL ONE-ON-ONE REVIEWS: one-hour one-on-one teleconferences are held between the course leader and each participant to be certain that the course materials are understood; to confirm that recommended standards and procedures have been put in place; and to review and reiterate each participants agreements regarding action-oriented conversations and reporting with his or her peers, direct reports and management.

For information regarding the availability of Developing Thinly Managed Partner Teams in your area, call 408•499•6850, or email

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