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Services offered by Incorvia Consulting, including the Developing Thinly Managed Partner Teams program, are based on 2 decades of hands-on experience developing highly successful matrixed global teams in Silicon Valley, California.  A key to the ongoing success of these services, however, has been ongoing training from innovative management and business design organizations including Enterprise Performance, Strozzi Institute, Hecht and Associates, and Vision. Links to the offerings of these management training organizations are listed below.

Enterprise Performance
(707) 775-4303
Strozzi Institute
(707) 778-6505
(212) 983 7250
Hecht and Associates
(408) 730-2234

For information regarding the availability of Incorvia Consulting services, including the Developing Thinly Managed Partner Teams, program please call 408•499•6850, or email info@incorvia.com.

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