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Key Elements of an Effective Strategic Partner Management Plan

The presentation below outlines a general internal approach to strategic partnerships that has been successful in several regional and global partnership arrangements.  Key elements of the approach are:

  • Have a plan

  • Measure the plan

  • Communicate the plan

  • Manage the plan

  • Compensate the players

  • Handle breakdowns

  • Assign a leader


Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation: "Elements of Effective Partner Management"

When included as part of a customized partner program delivered by Incorvia Consulting, the general concepts presented "Elements of Effective Partner Management" are expanded to include fulfillment metrics, due diligence assessments, milestone tracking and communication protocols.  Expansion of these underlying concepts is also a part of the standard "Delivering Thinly Managed Partner Teams" program.

Please address questions or comments regarding "Key Elements of an Effective Strategic Partner Management Plan" directly to Thomas Incorvia at 408•499•6850, or

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