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Note: Dr. Thomas Incorvia is now employed with Micro Focus, the leading provider of application management and modernization solutions.  Solutions formerly provided by Incorvia Consulting are now available from our long term partner, Phoenix Consulting Group.  Phoenix may be reached at , 888-848-9514.

Incorvia Consulting provides alliance and partnership arrangements with Silicon Valley and US West Coast technology companies... including: Cisco, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Symantec, HDS, Fujitsu (US, Europe and Japan), and VMware.   Contacts are also available for non-US West Coast companies including EMC, DataCore, Getty Images, and SAP. 

Incorvia Consulting also provides market-proven best practices in the development of direct and cross-functional partner management teams... that provide a clear competitive advantage by executing at a level significantly above the norm.  Programs provide organizations with the management and communication tools to overcome the traditional challenges of multi-company team coordination and planning. 
Programs are available that provide increases in revenue, both near-term and sustainable reductions in budget, measurable increases in productivity, reductions in time to market, increases in the number of direct reports per manager, increases in the number of business partners per alliance manager, and general dissolution of inter-departmental and cross-functional roadblocks that erode profits.
The leadership and partner management methodologies utilized by Incorvia Consulting have been market-proven in multi-company global solution development teams that include individuals from industry-leading companies such as Microsoft and Sun Microsystems.  Incorvia Consulting is a Cupertino, California company with deployment teams in Austin, TX, Boston, MA; Silicon Valley, CA; and Santiago Chile.
Offers Available from Incorvia Consulting

·     Initiation of Product and Service Partnerships: initial contact and staging of a structured set of meetings with potential partners.  Meetings are designed to highlight areas of potential collaboration and profit, and include multiple best practices approaches.  Specialized knowledge of companies in Silicon Valley, the US West Coast, and other select companies in the US, Europe and Asia enhances the process. 
·    Partner Program Assessment: assessment of alliance partners, programs, and strategies resulting in an action plan for partner rationalization, management simplification and profit maximization.
·    Partner Team Development: architecting, hiring, training and deploying global or local solution teams.  
·    Inlicensing Best Practices: deployment of 3rd party commercial and open source licensing practices / policies that reduce costs, decrease time to market and provide protection for intellectual property.  

·     Delivering the Developing Thinly Managed Partner Teams Program: the Developing Thinly Managed Partner Teams program guides partner managers through specific communication, collaboration and leadership practices that dramatically improve the effectiveness of their cross-functional teams as measured by reduced time to market, and increased sustainable partners (or reports) per manager.
·    Individual Training: individual training of managers and leads in partner and group management best practices.  This is especially valuable for new managers, or managers moving from “hands-on” to leadership positions.  Training assures ROI on personnel investments.
·    Temporary Management: temporary management of existing business development, alliance management, inlicensing or competitive analysis teams by trained and experienced managers.
For additional information regarding the availability of the above offers in your geography, please contact Incorvia Consulting at 408•499•6850

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